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Find Investment Properties Anywhere in the US

Mashvisor’s platform allows a real estate investor to locate and compare the best investment properties in the US based on a number of search criteria options:

  • Find both traditional and Airbnb rental properties with data comps to determine which strategy suits you best.
  • Set your search criteria to find properties based on their type, median price, profitability, or a number of other metrics.
  • Use the different map functions, such as the heat map, to locate properties easily using visual cues and indicators based on your search criteria.

Analyze Investment Properties Quickly and with Ease

Our Investment Property Calculator allows you to analyze and calculate a potential property based on flexible values to suit your investment plan:

  • Calculate property values such as Cash Flow, Cap Rate, and Cash on Cash Return using dynamic values such as your mortgage, down payment, and expenses.
  • Compare different properties based on quantitative and qualitative analytics and/or based on traditional and Airbnb rental strategies.
  • Print out and send easy-to-read reports related to your investment property.
  • Acquire an estimation of an investment property’s occupancy rate based on historical and Airbnb data.

Connect with a Real Estate Agent

Mashvisor’s userbase is not only limited to real estate investors but also includes a growing number of real estate agents in the different cities around the US, allowing you to:

  • Connect with a real estate agent to help you make your investment based on the data provided on our platform.
  • Send out easy-to-read reports regarding the investment properties of your choice directly to your agent.
  • Find the property listings of your favorite real estate agent and receive alerts as soon as a property becomes available.

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Gives you access to all the Basic functions in addition to the following:-

Property Design Analysis

Traditional Data Heat Map

Airbnb Data Heat Map

Airbnb & Traditional CSV Data Export – 5/month



Gives you access to all the Basic and Professional functions in addition to the following:-

Request Unavailable Cities

Priority & Resource Support

Airbnb & Traditional CSV Data Export – 25/month


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