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Find the Best Rental Property Based on Your Search Criteria

Using the Mashvisor property finder allows you to search for an investment property based on your choice of search criteria:

  • Property type: Single-family homes, condos, apartment…etc.
  • A neighborhood of your choice.
  • Property’s profitability: CoC Return, Cash Flow, or Cap Rate.
  • Property’s characteristics: Age, renovation costs, number of rooms, square footage…etc.
  • Your finances: Mortgage type, loan interest, loan payments, or down payment.

Compare Different Rental Properties

The Mashvisor property finder also allows you to compare different properties based on a number of metrics to decide on the best property for your investment:

  • Compare quantitative data based on the property’s square footage and the number of bedrooms/bathrooms.
  • Compare qualitative data based on CoC Returns, Cash Flow, Occupancy Rate, and Cap Rate.
  • Compare properties based on rental strategy: Traditional (long-term) vs Airbnb (short-term).

Use Different Map Filters

The Mashvisor property finder also allows you to choose from different map filters for the best visual experience for your search:

  • Use the heat map to get a quick visual indication of the area’s characteristics, strengths, and weaknesses.
  • Hover over a property to quickly get specific information related to that property.
  • Click on the local insights tab to get up-to-date news and insights related to the market status in that area.
  • Filter out properties that you’re not interested in based on your metrics of choice.

Analyze The Properties of Your Choice

Once you’ve decided on a few potential properties for your investment, use the Mashvisor Rental Property Calculator to determine the profitability of the property:

  • Analyze the property’s CoC Return, Median Price, Cap Rate, and Cash Flow, and compare them to the area’s averages.
  • Set the values of the expenses such as taxes, loan payments, water and electricity, reparation costs…etc.
  • Calculate values based on traditional and Airbnb rental strategies to determine the strategy that is more suitable for you.
  • Get estimations of the property’s occupancy rate based on historical data.

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