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What is Cash on Cash Return?

CoC (Cash on Cash Return) is a metric used to express the rate of return that a real estate investment property will have. In other words, Cash on Cash Return is a value that can give you an idea of how long an investment property will generate enough profits to cover its cost based on the amount of money that it is making.

Why Should I Care About Cash on Cash Return?

Cash on Cash Return is used by real estate investors all around the globe as a metric for evaluating an investment property. Determining the Cash on Cash Return on an investment property will give you an indication of two things:-

  • The property’s projected returnshow profitable is the property going to be in relation to its cost
  • The soon will the property be profitablehow soon will the property generate enough profit to make up for the cash that you’ve paid for it
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Finding the Best Cash on Cash Return Properties

Using Mashvisor, you can find properties with the highest or most suitable Cash on Cash Return for your investment needs. Not only does Mashvisor’s search page allow you to filter out properties that have a lower Cash on Cash Return than your desired value, but we will also give you data comps that compare the CoC of properties against the area that they’re in to determine whether these properties are performing above or below their market’s averages.

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Cap Rate vs Cash on Cash Return

To avoid the confusion, while both Cap Rate and Cash on Cash Return are values used to determine an investment property’s return on investment, the two metrics are different in that:

  • Cap Rate evaluates a property’s returns as if the entire cost of the property has been paid off in cash.
  • Cash on Cash Return takes into account the method of financing and only calculates the value based on the actual cash/down payment that you’ve paid for the property.

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