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Find Investment Properties with Easy-to-Use Effective Search Tools

Our easy-to-use tools allow for a seamless experience when searching to help you find investment properties in your area of choice. Start by typing the name of any state, city, or neighborhood in the US to obtain all the data that you need on investment properties and real estate investing in that area. To make it all easier, we’ve included numerous tools and filters to make your search easier and to give you the most relevant results for your search:

  • Filter the results based on your available budget to only see investment properties that you can afford
  • Filter the results based on the property type and characteristics, including its age, size, number of bedrooms/bathrooms, and the property’s type (single-family home, condo, vacation home, luxury home, townhome, multi-family home)
  • Filter the results based on the property’s profitability and ROI using metrics such as the cap rate and the cash on cash return
  • Filter the results based on your method of financing (cash vs mortgage) to get more realistic results relevant to your real estate investment
  • Filter the results based on your desired rental strategy between Airbnb rental properties (short-term rentals) and traditional rental properties (long-term rentals)
  • Filter the results based on the investment property’s status: for sale, pending, sold, or foreclosed
Find Investment Properties

Find Investment Properties Using the Heat Map Function and Tools

We realize that sometimes it’s much easier to find investment properties using visual indicators and cues to get a better understanding of a real estate market and at a higher speed. When searching for investment properties using Mashvisor, you can optimize your search by using the heat map functionality to get a quick visual overlay of the real estate market based on your metric of choice:

  • Investment property’s listing price
  • Investment property’s Airbnb cash on cash return
  • Investment property’s traditional cash on cash return
  • Investment property’s Airbnb cap rate
  • Investment property’s traditional cap rate
  • Investment property’s Airbnb occupancy rate
Find Investment Properties

Find Investment Properties Based on Analytics

When using Mashvisor to find investment properties, you will gain access to a large amount of information in the form of real estate analytics and data comps. To make it easier to navigate, we created two separate pages: one for investment property analytics, and one for neighborhood analytics.

The investment property analytics page includes:

  • Investment property’s stats and characteristics
  • Investment property’s cap rate and cash on cash return
  • Investment property’s rental income and cash flow
  • Investment property calculator: calculate all the different values and metrics using 3 tools (cash/mortgage calculator, expenses calculator, rental income calculator)
  • Investment property’s historical data (up to 12 months in the past)
  • Investment property’s optimal rental strategy and Mashmeter score based on all the data provided
Find Investment Properties

Find Investment Properties Using Neighborhood Analytics

While the investment property analytics page is useful for analyzing a single investment property, the neighborhood analytics page can be used to compare a large number and find investment properties based on the data provided:

  • Average traditional rental properties’ cap rate
  • Average Airbnb rental properties’ cap rate
  • Average traditional rental properties’ cash on cash return
  • Average Airbnb rental properties’ cash on cash return
  • Average investment property price
  • Average traditional rental income
  • Average Airbnb rental income
  • Average Airbnb occupancy rate
Find Investment Properties

Save Investment Properties and Export Their Data

Was there a particular investment property or a few investment properties that you especially like? With Mashvisor, you can save the properties that you like and view them at any time to keep track of their performance and contact the seller once you are ready.

Additionally, you can export an easy-to-read PDF report for any investment property that you like to share it with your real estate agent or to get a second opinion from a friend or a family member. The PDF report includes all the information and data analytics that are included in the investment property analytics page.

Finally, you can export an Excel Sheet report for your neighborhood of choice. The report will include all the investment properties in the neighborhood and their stats/data for easy comparisons and to identify the best performing investment properties in that neighborhood.

Who is using Mashvisor?

First Time Real Estate Investors

New real estate investors usually don’t know where to begin their research. Mashvisor helps an investor quickly understand and analyze any city or neighborhood’s average investment performance. Investors are able to save time selecting the optimal area for investing and can save months worth of research deciding on this alone.

Experienced Real Estate Investors

Investors that are looking for their next property are used to analyzing their returns and having built many spreadsheets in the past. Mashvisor automatically calculates the returns of a property for the investor so that they never have to use a spreadsheet again.

Real Estate Brokers/Agents

Real estate brokers and agents now have another place to advertise their properties. They can place their listings in front of investors and Mashvisor’s data helps the property better appeal to clients.

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