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Investment Calculations: Projected Returns

Mashvisor provides you with a complete set of data related to your investments, including the projected returns that are expected from the property:

  • Cap Rate
  • Cash on Cash Return
  • Cash Flow / Rental Income
investment calculations

Investment Calculations: Financing Method

Using Mashvisor, you can choose your method of financing to customize and modify your calculations and to get more accurate results related to your investment:

  • Choose between Cash or Mortgage for optimized search results.
  • Choose your type of loan, its lifetime, and its interest rate.
  • Get accurate calculations of your returns based on your loan preferences.
investment calculations

Investment Calculations: Expenses

One of the best features that Mashvisor has to offer is the expenses calculator. This feature allows you to see the expenses that apply to your investment property based on the area’s averages, and will allow you to customize and modify the expenses to suit your needs:

  • One time startup costs: inspections, repair costs, furniture and appliances, closing costs, and more.
  • Recurring costs: insurance, taxes, mortgage payments, property management, maintenance, HOA fees, and more.

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