All of Your Real Estate Analytics and Data in One Place

Use predictive real estate analytics to find lucrative traditional and Airbnb rental properties in a matter of minutes.

No more tiresome spreadsheets, no more boring research.

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Find Real Estate Analytics

Mashvisor provides the user with an invaluable amount of data and real estate analytics that can help them find investment properties and determine their value of profitability using a number of different metrics:

  • Cash on Cash Return
  • Cap Rate
  • Cash Flow
  • Occupancy Rate
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Neighborhood-Level Real Estate Analytics

Mashvisor’s Investment Property Finder tool allows you to search the neighborhood of your choice and provides you with a complete set of data for that neighborhood indicating the neighborhood’s average:

  • Property’s Median Price
  • Traditional and Airbnb Cash on Cash Return and Cap Rate
  • Airbnb Occupancy Rate
  • Mashmeter (our own evaluation of the neighborhood)
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Real Estate Investment Property Analytics

On the property analytics page, you can find a large amount of useful data and real estate analytics related to the particular property that you’re viewing, which includes:

  • The property’s historical rental data
  • Optimal rental strategy (Traditional or Airbnb)
  • The property’s monthly expenses and calculator
  • The property’s stats (CoC, Cap Rate, Airbnb Occupancy Rate, Cash Flow)
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Real Estate Analytics Report

Export a property’s report, which includes the property’s analytics and information:

  • Easy-to-read PDF format.
  • Easy to share via e-mail with a family member, a friend, or an agent.
  • Compare different reports to determine the best property for your investment.

Why use Mashvisor?

Using saves you a lot of time which you would otherwise spend on finding, analyzing, and determining the best investment property for your investment.

With Mashvisor, spreadsheets and manual calculations are a thing of the past, and real estate analytics can be obtained in minutes instead of days, weeks, or even months.

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