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US Housing Market Data

Mashvisor is a platform that gathers information and data on the US housing market and mashes that data together in order to provide real estate investors and enthusiasts with real estate data comps and analytics to use when preparing their investment plans and strategies.

With Mashvisor, you gain data on:

  • City stats and performance.
  • Neighborhood-level stats and analytics.
  • Investment properties’ projected returns.
  • The median prices of an area.
  • The average rental income of an area.
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Multiple Investment Strategies

Mashvisor gives you access to data analytics that can help you determine the most suitable investment strategy for your area of interest in the US housing market. Use our search filters to find properties that are suitable for your investment strategy:

  • Find the best-performing properties for an Airbnb/short-term rental strategy.
  • Find the best-performing properties for traditional/long-term rental strategy.
  • Find foreclosed homes that can be purchased for a fix-and-flip investment strategy.
  • Find sold homes that can be used to obtain additional insights on the market.
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Return on Investment Metrics

With Mashvisor, you can easily obtain data related to the expected return on investment for any investment property of your choice. You can use our property calculator and property filters to find, analyze, and calculate the different metrics for any investment property in the US housing market:

  • Traditional Cap Rate
  • Airbnb Cap Rate
  • Traditional Cash on Cash Return
  • Airbnb Cash on Cash Return
  • Cash Flow
  • Airbnb Occupancy Rate
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US Housing Market News and Forecasts

Not only do we provide our users with data comps, insights and analytics on the US housing market through our platform and tools, but we also have a wide variety of blogs and articles covering the different aspects of the market:

  • City-specific blogs and guides related to the performance of the market.
  • Blogs and articles about the overall performance of the US housing market.
  • Top cities for investing lists which are updated quarterly.
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Investment Specialty Real Estate Agents

Mashvisor also provides a special service to its users by connecting them with investment specialty real estate agents that can provide them with additional insight and advice on the US housing market, find the best performing investment properties in their area, and help them close the deal.

Real estate agents can also make use of this service as it helps them find high-quality, committed, and serious real estate investors that can help them grow their business and turn them into loyal clients.

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Export and Share Easy-to-Read Reports

Not feeling certain about our data? You can easily export and share a real estate report on your investment properties of choice in order to share them with your friends, family, or real estate agent and get a second opinion on the investment properties that you’re interested in.

Our investment property reports include information about the property:

  • Type, size, and the number of bedrooms/bathrooms.
  • Price of the property
  • Rental income
  • Cap rate
  • Cash on cash return
  • Airbnb occupancy rate
  • Optimal rental strategy

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