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Types of Investment Properties

An Effective Search Tool for Investment Properties

Mashvisor’s platform includes a powerful search tool that allows you to locate the best investment properties anywhere in the US based on highly effective search filters that allow you to filter properties based on your search criteria:

  • Budget filter – find properties that are affordable based on your own investing budget.
  • The rate of return filters – filter out properties that do not meet your criteria based on their cap rate and cash on cash return values.
  • Neighborhood filter – decide which neighborhoods you want to invest in and look for properties in these specific neighborhoods.
  • Property type filters – filter out properties based on their type, size, year built, and other features.
  • Property status filter – set the status of properties that you want to show on the map between foreclosures, sold, and pending investment properties.
Types of Investment Properties

What Types of Investments Can You Make with Mashvisor?

Using Mashvisor’s tools and data, real estate investors are able to choose from a different number investment strategies effectively and based on accurate and reliable data comps and analytics. These are the main types of investment properties that real estate investors can find using our platform:

  • Long-term traditional rental properties.
  • Short-term and Airbnb rental properties.
  • Fix-and-flip properties.
  • Buy and hold investment properties.
Types of Investment Properties

Types of Investment Properties: For Sale

Using our property filters to find investment properties that have the status of “for sale” allows the user to quickly navigate the map to find properties that are available for sale which can then be used to turn into any other type of investment property.

Investment properties for sale can be used for any investment strategy depending on their location, type, and projections. Whether you’re interested in rental or income properties, a fix-and-flip, or a buy and hold, this filter allows you to find all sorts of properties.

Types of Investment Properties

Types of Investment Properties: Pending and Sold

Finding properties that are pending or that are sold can be very beneficial for many real estate investors.

A real estate investor can get in touch with the current owner of a pending or sold property in order to obtain additional invaluable data or even to negotiate an off-market deal with the new owner of a sold property.

Obtaining data on pending properties, such as the duration for which they have been listed on the market, can allow the investor to understand why these properties are not selling and try to adjust their own strategies accordingly.

While sold properties can be targeted by real estate investors for an off-market deal without having to compete with all the other real estate investors out there.

Types of Investment Properties

Types of Investment Properties: Foreclosed

Due to their relatively low prices and their typically high requirements for maintenance and renovation, foreclosed properties are the top choice of real estate investors looking for a fix-and-flip investment in the market.

Using our filters, users can now find properties that have been foreclosed, allowing them to easily find opportunities within the market for their next fix-and-flip investment.

This also includes all the typical data and information that you would get for any other investment property, such as the projected cap rate and cash on cash return, in addition to the estimated costs and expenses needed to renovate and run the property.

Types of Investment Properties

Acquire Insights for Your Types of Investment Properties

Mashvisor is not only used for locating properties. It is mainly used to obtain data and analytics related to investment properties in order to help real estate investors determine whether the properties that they are looking for meet their investment criteria and can generate the returns that they are hoping for based on the following metrics:

  • Cap rate for both traditional and Airbnb rental properties.
  • Cash on cash return for both traditional and Airbnb rental properties.
  • Rental income for both traditional and Airbnb rental properties.
  • The occupancy rate for Airbnb properties.
  • The median price of investment properties.
  • The expected costs and expenses for each investment property.
Types of Investment Properties

Neighborhood Insights and Analytics

Not only can you acquire all the data that is related to the investment properties that you are considering, but with Mashvisor you can also obtain insights for an entire neighborhood, allowing you to determine whether the neighborhood is a good choice for you, and how well is an investment property performing when compared to the neighborhood averages:

  • Average cap rate for traditional properties.
  • Average cap rate for Airbnb properties.
  • Average cash on cash return for traditional properties.
  • Average cash on cash return for Airbnb properties.
  • Average Airbnb occupancy rate.
  • The neighborhood’s median prices.
  • The optimal rental strategy for each neighborhood.

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