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Property Filters – Property’s Characteristics

Using Mashvisor’s property filters, you can filter out any investment properties that don’t meet your search criteria from the search results:

  • Property Type: Single Family Home/Townhouse/Condo
  • Year Built
  • Square Footage
  • Number of Bedrooms/Bathrooms
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Property Filters – Projected Returns

Use our property filters to filter out any properties that do not meet your target projected returns based on the following metrics:

  • Cash on Cash Return
  • Cap Rate
  • Traditional Rental Income
  • Airbnb Rental Income
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Property Filters – Method of Financing

Our property filters also include an option to filter out properties based on your budget and method of financing:

  • Choose between Cash or Mortgage
  • Choose your budget
  • Choose your mortgage type, down payment, and interest rate.
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Property Filters – Neighborhood

Finally, you can use the property filters to find properties in specific neighborhoods of your choice. The filter will give you a list of the neighborhoods available in the area, and you can choose one or more neighborhoods to see their stats and the number of investment properties available in them.

What else?

In addition to property filters, Mashvisor’s platform includes a number of unique and useful tools that are used by real estate investors and agents alike.

real estate analytics

Find Accurate and Easy-to-Read Real Estate Analytics and Data Comps

top cities for investing

Find the Top Performing Cities in the U.S. for Real Estate Investing

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Obtain Quick Calculations for your Investment Property’s Projected Returns


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