Gain Vacation Rental Investment Insights With Accurate Airbnb Data Analytics

Unlock the Potential of Any US Market with Customizable Short Term Rental Data


Access In-Depth Airbnb Rental Data

Take advantage of accurate and reliable short term rental data coming from actual Airbnb listings in the US market

Benefit from Up-to-Date Airbnb Analytics

Get access to real-time, comprehensive Airbnb data analytics obtained through machine-learning algorithms

Gain Competitive Edge in the Short Term Rental Market

Take your investment to new heights and stay ahead of the competition with our reliable Airbnb data analysis

Boost Profitability and Ensure Success

Optimize the performance of your vacation rentals and maximize your ROI with the best Airbnb analytics and insights

Airbnb Market Data

Investing in money-making short term rental properties starts with choosing profitable locations. Where you buy an Airbnb investment property determines demand, supply, daily price, occupancy rate, expenses, and - ultimately - profit.Thus, the Mashvisor Airbnb calculator provides all must-have market-level data points to help you find the top Airbnb locations nationwide.With our platform, you gain access to:

  • Customizable search for profitable markets matching your budget and goals
  • Valuable insights into your selected real estate market
  • Pricing patterns and trends analysis -Peak seasons and demand fluctuations
  • Existing Airbnb listings and market saturation
  • Enhanced decision-making capacity for both investors and hosts

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    Neighborhood-level Airbnb Analytics

    The short term rental market is highly localized, so you need to find the best area within a city to buy an investment property to rent out on Airbnb. Amid the quickly evolving US vacation rental market, you need to base your investment decisions on solid data from reputable sources. Our Airbnb calculator provides you with:

    • Ability to find the top neighborhoods for Airbnb investment properties
    • Dynamic opportunity analysis with Mashmeter Score
    • Neighborhood supply and demand trends
    • Side-by-side comparison of rental strategies
    • Optimal property types for the specific location
    • Accurate competitor data and insights
    • Optimal investment strategy recommendation
    • Median price and accessibility assessment

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      Vacation Rental Property Data

      Whether you plan to invest in a short term rental property or already own one, market-level data does not suffice to guarantee success. You need access to property-specific vacation rental information too to reach the maximum potential revenue and enhance ROI. Mashvisor supplies investors with trusted data whether they analyze listings available on the platform or off market properties, including:

      • Comprehensive vacation rental property information
      • Average daily rate and occupancy rate estimates for the specific location
      • Reliable revenue forecast
      • In-depth profitability metrics and ROI computations using a tech-based investment calculator
      • Investment payback analysis
      • Short term rental comps and neighborhood analysis
      • Short term and long term strategy comparisons for more revenue

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        How to Run a Short Term Rental Analysis

        Using the Mashvisor Airbnb calculator to gain access to trustworthy insights for an informed decision-making is easy.

        How it works


        Enter the location that you want to analyze for vacation rentals

        Investors can simply input their selected city, neighborhood, street address, or ZIP code to start analyzing the market potential for short term rental properties.


        Search for specific areas with high gross revenue potential for Airbnb properties

        Aspiring Airbnb hosts can use different filters to find the best neighborhoods for vacation rentals based on their own financial situation and investment goals and objectives.


        See all crucial metrics for short term rental investment properties

        Property owners and property managers get instant access to all must-have quantitative information including daily rates, occupancy, monthly revenue, and return on investment.


        Compare similar Airbnb listings in the area to estimate gross revenue and ROI

        Investors can search for comparable properties and compare them to the listing that they own or consider purchasing to make sure that it outperforms the local market.


        Ensure investing in vacation rentals would be a profitable strategy in your cities of choice

        With the Mashvisor tools, hosts can access all the ROI metrics they need to ensure that their properties will bring positive cash flow and above-average return on investment.


        Understand what property type would generate the best results for you

        Short term rental property investors can compare between different property types to know which ones bring the top results with this rental strategy.


        Gain insights into seasonal trends based on demand to boost your revenue year-long

        With the help of Mashvisor's tools, hosts can compare Airbnb pricing trends by month to make sure that the daily rate of their listing is always updated for maximum ROI.

        What Data Points Can You Get from Airbnb Rental Analytics?

        Airbnb Market Competitiveness

        Discover your competitive edge within the US vacation rental market with reliable data from publicly available resources. Identify the best opportunities with access to our powerful Airbnb tool for a profitable hosting experience.

        Short-Term Rental Performance Comparison

        Elevate and benchmark your performance against similar Airbnb listings and short term rental properties. Stay ahead of the competition and unlock your full potential with this the #1 Airbnb analysis investment tool in the entire US market.

        STP Property Type Breakdown

        Understand guest preferences and booking patterns to find out the most appropriate Airbnb properties - whether townhouses or apartments - for optimal occupancy rate and gross revenue based on solid data from the local market.

        Average Daily Rates (ADR)

        Access real-time ADR data to improve the Airbnb pricing strategy of your vacation rental listings. Price your Airbnb listing strategically to boost gross revenue in a data-driven, informed decision-making process.

        Occupancy Rates

        Take your Airbnb business to the next level by understanding occupancy rate trends. Streamline pricing, boost bookings, and ensure your property stays in high demand throughout the year for a successful investing strategy.

        Short Term Rental Revenue

        Find out what comparable Airbnb listings earn on a monthly basis to benchmark your performance and boost the gross revenue of your own vacation rentals while minimizing costs and choosing the best financing method.

        Vacation Rental Costs

        Analyze the impact of startup costs and recurring operating expenses as well as the financing strategy on your bottom line with reliable short term rental data for data driven decisions in vacation rental investing.

        Return on Investment

        Choose investment properties for sale with optimal Airbnb cash on cash return and cap rate in all US cities for maximizing your profitability as a savvy real estate investor in short term rentals, no matter if you're a beginner or a pro.

        Short-Term Rental Market Trends

        Stay ahead of other hosts with comprehensive Airbnb data and analytics. Understand market demand, analyze market supply, and be familiar with emerging opportunities to fine-tune your strategy and attract more guests.

        Why Do Airbnb Hosts Love Mashvisor?

        “This tool has saved me so much manual time for my short term rental arbitrage business. I own 2 different businesses and I'm a mom so using this platform to see analytics has truly been a life saver. Customer service is on point and so helpful. Excited to scale my business with this tool.”

        Katharine Transue

        Retail Investor

        “I’ve been using Mashvisor to determine how to make investments in real estate and as of this writing I am certain that there is nothing better than Mashvisor out there. I’ve been using machine learning algorithms to determine what houses are the best deal within a certain area.”

        Tomas McMonigal

        Retail Investor

        “Mashvisor was the perfect platform to help me get focused on market behaviors in my target area, and understand where I might want to invest. 1-year later, I have 3-units in our portfolio and have built a team of experts to help me. Thanks MashVisor, for giving me a great start!”

        Bill G.

        Serial Investor

        Airbnb Data Analytics FAQs

        While short term rental data is key to success, the Airbnb platform itself does not provide the data and information that real estate investors and property managers need for success. Thus, they need to turn to third-party data sources. Mashvisor offers access to comprehensive, reliable, up-to-date short term rental data, ranging from average daily rate and occupancy rate, all the way to revenue, cash flow, cap rate, and cash on cash return. The best thing about the available numbers is that they are in a ready-to-use form so that short term rentals investors and Airbnb property managers can start making data driven decisions. Moreover, all data is based on the actual behavior of Airbnb listings in each location. This allows the owners of investment properties to maximize their bottom line, no matter if they invest in San Diego or Miami or other cities across the US market.

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