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Market Insights

  • Map with comparable properties
  • Accurate and comprehensive market data
  • Historical market occupancy rate
  • Historical market revenue estimate
  • Historical market average daily rate

Smart Calendar

  • Data-backed projected average nightly rates
  • Flexible short-term rental property pricing configuration
  • Ability to block off dates
  • Ability to override daily price
  • Sync prices to the Airbnb calendar

How It Works


Connect your account to the system


Adjust filters to customize your rental comps results


Use the smart calendar feature


Sync your rates with Airbnb

Why Dynamic Pricing is Recommended for
Vacation Rental Hosts?

No Need to Switch From One Account to Another

Set and synchronize your nightly rates across various short term listing sites using one platform only. This way, you don’t need to switch from one account to another.

Stay Ahead of the Competition

Get updated with the rental trends and understand how your competitors are performing, allowing you to position your rental so it will stand out among the rest.

Stay in Control of Your Airbnb Business

Flexible configuration allows you to set the base price, minimum and maximum prices, and booking settings to stay in control of your property’s pricing and availability.

Maximize Your Occupancy and Revenue Potential

Never worry about missed opportunities due to wrong pricing—Mashvisor's Dynamic Pricing tool recommends the best nightly rates for both high-peak and low-peak seasons!

Keep Track of Your Short Term Rental's Performance

Real-time market data, trends, and insights let you stay up-to-date with your Airbnb’s performance, maximize your potential, and rise above the competition.


Ensure that you set the perfect rental rates based on various factors—including market demand, holidays, local events, and booking history.

Mashvisor’s Dynamic Pricing vs. Airbnb Smart Pricing

Mashvisor’s Dynamic Pricing

Allows you to connect several accounts at once

Provides comprehensive market insights to help you assess your competitors’ performance

Dynamic Pricing is powered by AI technology and machine algorithm, offering accurate and reliable pricing recommendations

Gathers data from multiple reliable sources

Airbnb Smart Pricing

You may need to log in and out to sign into a specific account

Doesn’t allow you to see your competition’s pricing and doesn’t offer analysis and insights

Smart Pricing adjusts based on demand, which may not be as accurate when it comes to foreseeing peak and off-peak seasons

Data is most likely from the Airbnb platform alone

Why Do Airbnb Hosts Love Mashvisor?

This tool has saved me so much manual time for my short term rental arbitrage business. I own 2 different businesses and I’m a mom so using this platform to see analytics has truly been a life saver. Customer service is on point and so helpful. Excited to scale my business with this tool.

Katharine Transue

Retail Investor

“I’ve been using Mashvisor to determine how to make investments in real estate and as of this writing I am certain that there is nothing better than Mashvisor out there. I’ve been using machine learning algorithms to determine what houses are the best deal within a certain area.”

Tomas McMonigal

Retail Investor

“Mashvisor was the perfect platform to help me get focused on market behaviors in my target area, and understand where I might want to invest. 1-year later, I have 3-units in our portfolio and have built a team of experts to help me. Thanks MashVisor, for giving me a great start!”

Bill G.

Serial Investor

Vacation Rental Pricing FAQs

Connecting your Airbnb account to Mashvisor is quite straightforward. Plus, it is also safe and secure, leaving you with nothing to worry about. We have partnered with, one of Airbnb’s trusted partners, so that you can connect your Airbnb account to our platform with ease.

The process for connecting your Airbnb account to Mashvisor and linking your listings is pretty simple. First, you need to go to Dynamic Pricing. To do this, find your Dashboard and click Manage. This will lead you to another bar with three options, including Dynamic Pricing, How To, and Pricing—click on Dynamic Pricing.

Under the Dynamic Pricing tab, you will again have three options: My Listings, Manage Account, and Link Account. To connect your Airbnb account to Mashvisor’s system, just click on Link Account. Another page will open—just click on the Link Your Airbnb Account option to start the process. Do this as many times as needed if you have multiple accounts to link.

If you use your Google account to log into Airbnb, you have to set a unique Airbnb password first before you can link your account to Mashvisor. You can do this by clicking on the Create a Password link found at the bottom of the empty fields. This will lead you to Airbnb’s Help page, where you can create a password for Airbnb.

You need to confirm your identity as part of our security measures to ensure you’re the one connecting your account to Mashvsior’s platform. Fill out the required data on the page and click on the Get Code button. Check your email or phone message to get the code, then input the code and click Confirm.

Grant access to the system and select the properties that you want to import to Mashvisor’s platform.

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