Find the Best Deals in the Most Profitable Investment Locations Quickly, Easily, and Efficiently

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Easily Identify and Choose High-income Markets With Mashmeter Score

The Mashmeter Score is a neighborhood evaluation system designed by our engineers to show you which markets are worth investing in. Built with machine intelligence and algorithms, it lets you identify Airbnb or long-term investment opportunities in just minutes. Make your hunt for high-yield investment properties easier with the Mashmeter Score and save plenty of time, energy, and money.
Market Finder Heatmap

The Heatmap Colors Say It All

Market Finder uses a heatmap that shows you visually how a specific neighborhood is performing as an investment location. Powered by the Mashmeter Score, customize your search using Mashvisor’s filters to show you an area’s income-generating and occupancy potential for either short-term or long-term investment.

Neighborhood Analysis in Minutes

Market Finder makes it easier for you to analyze the most profitable neighborhoods in any city of your choice. Be informed and stay updated with highly accurate and relevant market data to make the best investment decisions and find your next Airbnb or a long-term investment opportunity.
Market Finder Neighborhood Analysis
Market Finder Sortable Table

Compare and Score Best Markets, All in One Place

Market Finder doesn’t just show you which areas to invest in. It also gives you all the valuable information you need to make wiser investment decisions. The Table View gives you full access to our massive database and lets you compare markets conveniently and efficiently.

Get Greater Insight on Your Markets

Markets Insights right on your dashboard give you access to additional information and articles related to your search. This takes the term “well-informed decision” to the next level.
Market Finder Dashboard

How it works

Mashmeter Score

Identify markets that line up with your needs using criteria like listing price, cap rate, occupancy rate, and crime rate.

Improved Visual Analytics Experience

Improved Visual Analytics Experience

Customize Your Search With Filters

Analyze markets using filters and see which properties are right for your needs and goals.