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Short-term rentals data & analytics

Access comprehensive, reliable data and analytics on the performance of actual Airbnb rentals and other short term rentals in any city, neighborhood, street, or zip code. Use the power of AI and machine learning algorithms to obtain accurate estimates of the expected return on investment. Base your real estate investing decisions on short term rental comps.

Airbnb income

Cash on cash return

Airbnb occupancy rate

Cap rate

Airbnb daily rate

Airbnb reviews & ratings

Cash flow

property illustrations
property Charts

Long-term rentals data & analytics

Get trustworthy, verified data and analysis on long term rentals in any location in the US housing market. Make use of traditional and predictive analytics to forecast the monthly rental income, occupancy rate, cash flow, cash on cash return, and cap rate of any residential property when rented out on a long term (or monthly) basis. Buy an investment property that offers a good return on investment and outperforms the local real estate market, with the help of reliable rental data.

Monthly rental income

Cash flow

Vacancy rate

Cash on cash return

Rental expenses

Cap rate

Property data

Obtain access to detailed data on MLS listings across the US housing market. Analyze recent sales of properties comparable to the one that you are considering buying in order to pay fair market value. Take advantage of the power of big data supported by AI algorithms to discover the best places to invest in real estate in addition to top-performing long term and short term rentals in each city. Integrate real estate comps into your investment property analysis of long term and short term rental properties.

Property information

Property owner information

Tax history and tax information

Historical rental income

Sales history

Neighborhood data

property analytics
property analytics

Rental rates data

Find out the estimated average rental rates for a specific location (city or neighborhood) for both short term rentals and long term rentals (rented out traditionally). These estimates are categorized by the number of bedrooms available in a rental property.

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Tools for real estate investors

Mashvisor smart tools to help you scale your real estate business


Use the predictive analytics provided by Mashvisor to analyze the real estate investment potential of entire housing markets as well as individual rental properties.

Property Finder

A tool developed by our team of software engineers to compare the historical performance of long term and short term rentals in order to short list the optimal investment opportunities in multiple markets in real time.

Property Recommender

A feature that is able to predict the most suitable investment property specifications for you based solely on your name, email, and phone number and apply them to the search filter of the Property Finder in order to pull out a list of available properties which match your investor preferences and expectations.

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