A Property Management Calendar That Gives You The Big Picture

Efficiently manage bookings, rates, and availability within a single comprehensive calendar view, providing a quick overview of all listings. Enhance visibility to maximize occupancy rates and growth.

Automated Alerts and Notifications

Receive alerts and notifications for new bookings, modifications, or cancellations, enabling prompt action and communication with guests.

Operate More Efficiently

Effortlessly handle reservations, block dates, tweak prices, and more—all in one place, no need to jump between listings.

Maximize Occupancy

Swiftly find available dates on your calendar, so you can maximize occupancy by moving guests between similar units or offering attractive rates.

Sync Across Channels

Get your property seen on multiple channels and watch reservations sync automatically to a unified calendar, expanding your reach and minimizing mistakes.

Integrations That Drive Results

How Does Multi-Calendar Work?


Real-Time Synchronization


Visual Organization and Interaction


Consolidation of Calendars


Automation and Integration

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For All of Your Listing Needs

Create and Adjust Reservations

Manage each listing's availability, create new reservations, or modify existing ones directly from the Multi-Calendar. Your changes will instantly sync across all linked booking channels. You can browse through years of calendar view within seconds, whether you have 1 or 10,000 properties.

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    Define Availability Settings

    Take control of your listings with ease. Choose your booking window, set room prep times, and adjust minimum stay requirements, nightly rates, and more for each listing according to your preferences.

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      Get More Done in a Single Calendar

      Easily create and adjust cleaning tasks, schedule hourly bookings, and check pricing and booking rules—all right from the calendar view along with handling availability and bookings.

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        Smart Calendar Rules

        Maximize your earnings by setting prices for weekdays and weekends. Utilize relative pricing adjustments by percentage. Stay informed about minimum stay requirements for each date on the calendar and manage crucial details. Keep your team informed with internal notes.Your properties, your rules: Mashvisor's Multi-calendar gives you the freedom and the ability to customize offerings on each booking channel.

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          Filtering Capabilities

          Filter listings by city, status, or custom tags, simplifying your view of availability and cleaning status. Combine filters in the calendar to meet your needs instantly. Plus, dynamic filters remember your preferences, saving you time in each session.

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            Visual Enhancements

            Get a quick look at what you need. Color-coded entries show if a listing is confirmed, reserved, or blocked, while icons represent reservation sources and cleaning statuses of each listing.

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              Frequently asked questions

              Multi-calendar consolidates bookings from various platforms like Airbnb, Booking.com, Vrbo, TripAdvisor, and your personal rental website into a single dashboard. Changes made on any calendar automatically update across all channels, eliminating double bookings. You can block off dates across all platforms simultaneously, automate rates based on seasons, adjust margins, and create custom quotes. With everything in one view, managing your properties saves your time and effort.

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