Sync All Your Listings With Our Vacation Rental Channel Manager

Simplify your listing strategy with a STR channel manager that helps you scale. Prevent double bookings by keeping your calendars automatically synchronized across all platforms.

Real-Time Calendar Management

Rapid updates to the calendar across channels minimizes the chances of underpricing and preventing double bookings.

Improve Occupancy Rates

Increase your listings' exposure to more websites, leading to higher bookings and rental income.

Save Time

No need for time-consuming manual updates to Online Travel Agencies when you utilize automated systems, saving significant hours of work.

Reduce Manual Input Errors

Ensure accurate listings and bookings across platforms with automated synchronization.

OTA Channel Manager iCal Integrations

Are your listings also on other booking platforms not mentioned above? You can link them to your Mashvisor channel management software via an iCal integration.

With an iCal integration, you can showcase calendar information and room availability from another application. It serves as a viable solution for booking platforms lacking API connections. Below are some external channels that support iCal integration, which you can link to your Mashvisor account:

How Does the Vacation Rental Channel Manager Work?


Integration and Setup


Synchronization and Management


Dynamic Pricing and Updates


Analysis and Optimization

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Advantages Of Using A Vacation Rental Channel Manager

Keep Your Calendar Up-to-date

Synchronize and maintain your property data, calendars, pricing, and more across multiple channels in real-time. Instantly update listing descriptions, images, and amenities everywhere with just one click. Sync as entire listing and/or sub-units via the channel manager.

Save Time and Effort

The channel management software updates your room availability and rates in one centralized location, eliminating the need to manually update on each booking channel separately. This streamlined process not only saves up to 20 hours per week but also guarantees immediate syncs to all of your connected portals.

Manage All Your Reservations From One Place

The channel manager automatically synchronizes your listings to external portals, ensuring that your inventory remains up-to-date across all channels. Broaden your reach by linking your vacation rental to multiple booking channels. This will enhance your visibility, attracting a larger audience and increasing bookings.

Mark Up Rates to Maximize Profit

Streamline your room availability and rates across all OTAs and other booking channels, ensuring optimal pricing at all times. Customize markups for each channel, adapting to different platforms and commissions. Set your rate strategy to enhance revenue on every platform. Personalize rate strategies, incorporate dynamic pricing, and create coupons and promotions, with automatic updates across your channels.

Increase your brand visibility

Increase your property's visibility by adding it to additional external portals. Easily export all your content, bookings, and rates within minutes, saving your valuable time for optimizing your listings and enhancing your online presence.

Oversee all your bookings on a multi-calendar

The multi-calendar provides a comprehensive view of all your bookings across your vacation rental website and other external listing sites. You can manage bookings across multiple channels, which includes creating, editing, and viewing reservations. Furthermore, you can modify pricing, block availability, organize rooms, and handle guest relocation, all from a single, user-friendly dashboard.


A vacation rental channel manager or STR channel manager is a software tool or platform designed to simplify and streamline the management of vacation rental properties across multiple online booking channels.

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