The Best Real Estate Investment Opportunities to Make Money Quickly

“Fast money” and “real estate investing” are two phrases you usually won’t hear in the same sentence. As true as this migh be, there are, in fact, real estate investment opportunities that allow you to make money quickly.

Of course, I don’t mean you’ll make money in a day or even a week. These real estate investment opportunities do, however, provide faster returns than others found in the real estate market. Not so patient but still want to make money in real estate investing? Then these are the best real estate investment opportunities for you.

Wholesaling Real Estate Investment Opportunities

Real estate wholesaling is at the top of the list of real estate investment opportunities that will allow you to make money quickly. Real estate wholesaling involves seeking out below market value investment properties in the real estate market. At this point, the wholesale investor should already have an interested real estate investor who wishes to buy the investment property. Once the wholesale investor gets the real estate investment under contract, it is then passed over to the buyer for a price that will bring a good profit.

Of course, finding a below market value investment property for real estate wholesaling will take time. Even finding a buyer will take time if you haven’t quite built up a real estate investment network just yet. Still, consider it relative to other real estate investment opportunities in the real estate market.

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With a fix-and-flip, for instance, renovation and repairs will take time. Even with the best contractor out there, the real estate investment will need time to be ready and take on its after repair value. It’s often stated that fix-and-flips are one of the best ways to make fast cash in real estate investing. However, while some real estate investors can wait out renovations, you don’t have to with real estate wholesaling.

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Turnkey Properties

Ever consider investing with a property investment company? Well, those that offer turnkey properties are offering you some of the best real estate investment opportunities for making money quickly.

Turnkey properties are investment properties already deemed as great real estate investment opportunities by the company. They’ve purchased the turnkey properties, renovated and repaired them (if needed), and prepared them for tenants. A lot of turnkey properties already have tenants in place, either renting or ready to move in. This means turnkey properties can already be cash flow properties. A real estate investor doesn’t have to worry about the time of vacancy and finding a tenant for the investment property. In as little as a month, you can start making money in real estate.

While, again, the research of the property investment company and their turnkey properties will take some time, it can be one of the best real estate investment opportunities for making fast money in real estate.

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How to Make Money Quickly with Rental Properties

Not interested in either of the previous real estate investment opportunities? Well, then you need to learn how to make any rental property (either long term rentals or Airbnb rentals) bring in fast cash. It is possible with the right knowledge of the real estate market and the right real estate investing techniques and tools.


The right location in the real estate market will pretty much guarantee you make money in real estate quickly. Consider the following factors when looking for these real estate investment opportunities in the real estate market:

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High Demand for the Investment Property

The best location for real estate investing will have a high demand for the investment property of your choice. The kind of demand a real estate market needs to offer depends on your investment strategy. If you plan on selling investment property after a few repairs for a return on investment, be sure it is in a location where other real estate investors would swipe it up right away. This could be a seller’s market or even a more balanced real estate market.

Of course, real estate investors are likely to go for buying investment property if it promises a high rental income, as should you if you plan on holding onto the rental property. The location should have a high occupancy rate (for long term rentals or short term rentals, whichever investment strategy you choose).

This process of looking for the best real estate investment opportunities is time-consuming in itself. Speed up the process (but avoid making any bad decisions) by using the right tool: Mashvisor’s investment property calculator. The investment property calculator can help pinpoint the best neighborhoods for real estate investing and show you what kind of occupancy rate and rental income to expect.

To start looking for and analyzing the best investment properties in your city and neighborhood of choice, click here.

Investment Property Analysis

In order to make money quickly in real estate, you have to ensure the investment property will do just that with investment property analysis. Investment property analysis should return a good cash on cash return and return on investment, meaning the property will make money in the first place. You don’t want a negative cash flow property on your hands when looking to make money quickly.

While a few repairs to up real estate appreciation are okay, any major renovation project will take too long. If you’re looking for real estate investment opportunities to make money quickly, then thoroughly perform investment property analysis and get a home inspection done to find out about repairs. Don’t assume the timeframe for repairs. Talk to a contractor and get a time estimate.

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Rental Property Management

Finally, good rental property management is needed to make money in real estate quickly. Why? Because you need to be able to find tenants as quickly as possible. Even with a location with high demand for long term rentals or short term rentals, if your rental property management game is weak, you won’t be able to advertise or market for tenants. If you’re a new landlord, you’ll find some great tips in these guides:

If you have the experience, then you may be able to handle rental property management on your own and get tenants in the investment property quickly. Consider using professional property management to find tenants as quickly as possible and start making money as soon as possible.

Whether you create your own real estate investment opportunities with a rental property or go for ones that have been created for real estate investors like you, you can make fast money in real estate.

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