The Tool that Eliminates Fear of Investing in Real Estate

You’re not investing in real estate because you’re afraid of losing money. Or maybe you’re afraid of never finding the right deal. Perhaps you’re just keep waiting for the right time. That’s completely normal—these are common fears and behaviors that keep many from investing in real estate. But you’re missing out on a powerful income opportunity. It’s time to bury your fears of real estate investments. Here’s why you should bury those fears and what tool will help you to do so.

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Besides beginning or diversifying your investment portfolio and creating a stable income, interest rates are lower than ever in the year 2016. This means there’s another incentive to start investing in real estate and investors can more easily finance their properties. Furthermore, real estate investments have a hedge against inflation. When things start getting more expensive, so does rent and home values, giving an investor higher returns. One of the biggest fears about investing in real estate is having to endure a recession. However, what most people don’t realize is that real estate investments, specifically, buy-and-hold properties, still generate income.

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And yet, there’s still the fear making the right decision. With so many properties, how do you rightfully choose? Data is often scattered; and you may naturally lack the knowledge or experience to analyze real estate investments. Fortunately, there’s a tool that can resolve this dilemma.

Thanks to new technological platforms, like Mashvisor, picking a profitable property has been simplified. The platform provides nationwide real estate investment data analysis to real estate investors. “We understand that searching for the right rental property can be extremely difficult,”declared Peter Abualzolof, the co-founder of Mashvisor.

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So Peter and his team built an interactive analysis platform, which includes analysis of Traditional and Airbnb pricing, occupancy rates, seasonality trends, revenue potential, cost assumptions, cash flow calculation, and financial and purchase investment analysis. Average individuals can now become savy real estate investors and start investing in real estate. Abualzolof explains:

The difference between us and other established real estate analytics providers is that they only target high volume investors,whereas Mashvisor allows the data to be accessible and easily understood by the average individual. We believe that everyone should be able to quickly research investments nationwide, become well-informed on multiple markets, and meet their financial goals.

And though some potential investors may be afraid of jumping onto new platforms, Mashvisor’s innovation and extreme benefits to the real estate market have been well received and recognized by the entrepreneurial community. It has been a subject of interest in numerous entrepreneurial competitions. Furthermore, the accuracy of Mashvisor’s data has allowed it to be used in multiple researches. For instance, the Director of Operations at BiggerPockets, Scott Trench, has used the data to research cash flow from different rental strategies.

The tools available today should help elimination the hesitation to invest in real estate. You are present in the right time for real estate investments and resourceful platforms, like Mashvisor empower investors and optimize property performance. So, overcome your fears, be resourceful, and take advantage of the market.

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