Real Estate Investments for Sale in Eau Claire, WI With High ROI

Are you looking for a vacation rental in Eau Claire, WI? Look no further! We have a wide variety of vacation available for sale, including beachfront condos, mountain single-family homes, townhouses, vacation homes and everything in between.

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Real Estate investment in Eau-claire, WI

There are 155 properties for sale in the city of Eau Claire . The median list price in Eau Claire is $350,000 and the average price per square foot is $156. In May 2024, the average monthly cash on cash return in Eau Claire is 4.00%. The average monthly rental income in Eau Claire is $2,132.

Eau-claire, WI Real Estate Investing: FAQs for Buyers, Sellers and Investors

There are 155 investment properties available for sale in Eau-claire.

In 2024, the best neighborhood to buy investment property is Otter Creek.

The ROI for Long-Term is higher than the Short-Term in Eau-claire with average rental income of $2,132.