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Get access to comprehensive real estate data that’ll help you conduct thorough rental analysis and identify lucrative investment opportunities. Mashvisor’s tools and features make real estate investing and Airbnb property management a breeze, even for beginners.

  • Find the hottest markets nationwide for your chosen investment strategy with the Market Finder
  • Simultaneously search for the best property investment in up to five locations with the Property Finder
  • Analyze a rental property investment’s profitability

Real Estate & Airbnb Data

Our dynamic Airbnb data analysis allows hosts to make informed decisions and maximize Airbnb earnings.

Use Dynamic Pricing to set the right rate for your Airbnb investment property. Using thorough Airbnb market research and rent comps analysis, we determine the best nightly rate for your property.

  • Access data-driven analytics to help you position your vacation rental strategically
  • Identify top-performing neighborhoods to expand your real estate investments
  • Gain a competitive edge and efficiently manage short term rentals for success

Vacation Rental Software

With accurate long term and short term rental data and Airbnb analytics, property managers can utilize market trends to find investment opportunities.

Mashvisor streamlines property management processes, especially when finding the best investment property for your portfolio. Use our platform to search for properties that meet your budget and other criteria.

  • Identify the best-performing markets nationwide
  • Estimate any property’s potential as a short-term or long-term rental
  • Evaluate market trends like migration and rental revenue

Real Estate Data API

Bring more value to your real estate app or website by integrating Mashvisor’s real estate data through our API.

Gain access to rich and reliable vacation rental market data. Get our market insights, know how the market performs, and stay ahead of the competition.

  • Access a wide range of real estate listing data
  • Enjoy seamless integration with Airbnb data analytics, rental market trends, and investment metrics
  • Score any rental potential or get comps for short- and long-term rentals

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Find Best Rental Markets

Explore the top markets for your chosen investment strategy

Market Finder lets you find the most outstanding long term and best short term rental markets in the United States. Use filters such as the Mashmeter score, rental revenue, cap rate, and crime rate to help you identify the right market to invest in real estate.

Find Investment Property

Find the hottest investment opportunities that meet your preferences

Property Finder makes searching for the best real estate investments a lot easier. You can set your criteria—such as location, budget, rental strategy, property type, and size—to get customized results. With access to our large database, finding the right property investment becomes more feasible!

Explore Real Estate API

Integrate Mashvisor’s real estate data into your own website

Do you own a real estate website but don’t know where to get your data from? Mashvisor’s API has got you covered. With Mashvisor’s API, you can easily integrate our accurate long term and vacation rental data and optimize your real estate website effortlessly.

Manage Short Term Rentals

Never second guess your Airbnb rates again

Mashvisor’s Dynamic Pricing lets you optimize your Airbnb rates based on accurate short term rental analysis and updated market insights. We consider factors like seasonality, market demand, and booking trends into our pricing strategy. Powered by AI and machine-learning algorithms, Mashvisor takes the guesswork out of Airbnb pricing.

Other Amazing Features

Airbnb Calculator

Determine a property’s income potential in seconds


Search for investment properties based on your most important criteria

Short-term Regulations

Stay up-to date with current regulatory landscape

Search in Multiple Cities

Have an in-depth understanding of your local neighborhood

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“I really like the data and insights I get from Mashvisor. Makes it really easy to see the potential income from both STR and LTR, so I can make an informed decision about cash flow potential for a property. I love that I have access to nationwide data as well!”

Katharine Transue

Retail Investor

Mashvisor was the perfect platform to help me get focused on market behaviors in my target area, and understand where I might want to invest. 1-year later, I have 3-units in our portfolio and have built a team of experts to help me. Thanks MashVisor, for giving me a great start!”

Bill G.

Serial Investor

“I’ve been using Mashvisor to determine how to make investments in real estate and as of this writing I am certain that there is nothing better than Mashvisor out there. I’ve been using machine learning algorithms to determine what houses are the best deal within a certain area.”

Tomas McMonigal

API/Data usage

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  Experience first-hand experience how Mashvisor works. Explore our database and find the most accurate long term and Airbnb market research, helping you find the right rental properties to buy. 

“Mashvisor provides the best real estate investing tool to carry out on the spot analysis of any real estate deal. My team and I find it very useful and quite frankly has very accurate information.”

Solomon H. , property manager

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