How to Stay on Top of Real Estate Market Trends

Staying on top of real estate market trends does not only allow you to keep updated in regards to the real estate market but also increases your chances of making successful real estate decisions and real estate investmentsFollowing everything related to real estate market trends also enables you to better understand the changes within the market, buyers’ and sellers’ behaviors, when to invest or purchase or sell properties and what are the most suitable real estate investment strategies for you and your budget. This blog will give you insight on methods to use in order to stay on top of real estate market trends, but first, let us take a look at the US housing market in 2018 in relation to real estate market trends.  

Real Estate Market Trends: US Housing Market 2018

Although the real estate housing market is stable compared to the stock market, it undergoes many changes and ups and downs year after year as it has an essential connection with the economic situation, tourism level, and job opportunities. It is worth mentioning that millennials are interested more than ever in investing in real estate and becoming real estate investors, not to mention people’s demands for different lifestyles and types of properties which contributes to the changes that are happening in the real estate market.

So far in 2018, the US housing market is still displaying some trends of 2017. This is best represented in the 6.5% increase in the value of US housing stock. According to Trulia, the supply of homes for sale in the second quarter of 2018 rose at approximately three times the rate of the same period of time in 2017. Furthermore, the jump in inventory rate was the largest in three years and could indicate a slight thaw in today’s housing market. Alexandra Lee, a housing Data Analyst for Trulia, mentioned that “this seasonal inventory jump wasn’t enough to offset the historical year-over-year downward trend that has continued over 14 consecutive quarters.” Although homes supply is down by 5.3 percent compared to a year ago, thirty of the largest US real estate markets now have more supply than a year ago. However, the rate of supply is increasing because sales of properties are slowing down and that is because real estate property prices are skyrocketing. In New York City, for instance, the median household must spend around 65% of its overall income in order to buy a home or a real estate property. Following up changes in the US housing market definitely ensures you stay on top of real estate market trends whether you are a beginner investor or a seasoned one.

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Real Estate Market Trends: Mashvisor

Staying on top of real estate market trends means continuously following up with all changes in regard to the real estate market using valid resources in order to make the best real estate investment decisions. How can Mashvisor keep you on top of real estate market trends? Well, you first need to understand how Mashvisor works. Mashvisor’s predictive software analyzes properties across the US housing market and utilizes accurate algorithms in order to estimate properties’ performance in the market. It does so by analyzing occupancy rates, cap rate, rental income and cash on cash return in order to evaluate the performance of a certain property, in a certain location and its value. Mashvisor’s property analysis basically compares nearby investment properties and comes up with a conclusion for property features you are looking for. This data enables you to find and invest in real estate properties with the highest cash on cash return.

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Real Estate Market Trends: Networking With Local Investors

To stay on top of real estate market trends, it is important to network with local investors who know the ins and outs of your local real estate market and have the first-hand experience of the untold information and data about the real estate market. Networking with local investors does not only widen your knowledge about the housing market but it also helps you get great deals in regard to purchasing a property, selling a property or investing in one.  

Real Estate Market Trends: Predictive Analytics

It is important for real estate investors to be aware of predictive analytics as they guide you to a better management for your property which enhances your performance as a real estate investor and results in a higher return on investment. Predictive analytics put you on top of real estate market trends by enabling you to assess where and when to invest in order to make better and wiser real estate investment decisions that will eventually maximize your return on investment.  

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Real Estate Market Trends: Real Estate Resources

There is not only one resource that you should use to know all about the real estate market and to stay on top of real estate market trends. However, in order to reach your goal and be a successful real estate investor, you have to use multiple resources including but not limited to: books, websites and mobile apps.

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Bottom Line

There is not a magical thing you have to do in order to stay on top of real estate market trends. You have to continuously follow up with the current housing market, perform real estate market research to know the best place to invest in real estate and also what kind of real estate strategy to use.

Do you have any other thoughts about how to stay on top of real estate market trends? Write it in the comments section below.

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